Comparison of cryptocurrency exchange service rates

For those interested in trading cryptocurrencies, and wishing to avoid complex interactions with an exchange like Binance, a number of easy-to-use online cryptocurrency changer services exist, as well as in-wallet changers.

In this post, dated January 11, 2019, and which I hope to periodically update, I present a comparison of the ones I know about. For each, I’m comparing the BTC→ETH rate, and using CoinMarketCap as a reference.

Changer1 BTC → ETHPercent Loss
CoinMarketCap (Reference)28.78830.00%
Edge Wallet (Changelly)28.4513(1.17%)
Exodus Wallet27.6682(3.89%)

Of course, some exchanges require accounts, while others are anonymous, and so other factors may be involved in one’s choice than rate alone.

(PS: If you know of other services I should add to the list, please mention them in the comments, and I’ll add them to future updates.)

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