The one in which BitPico makes an arrogant fool of himself, and tries to erase his tracks

There’s a twitter user named @BitPico, who claims to be a “developer, miner and investor”. At some point I must have respected BitPico, given the fact I follow them. This morning, however, I lost all respect for this person.

You see, BitPico got a little confused about how the Ledger Live app and the Nano S & X hardware devices work together. In the course of the conversation below, he actually makes the claim that the password you enter in the Ledger Live app is the 25th seed word on the hardware device.

There’s no fault in being ignorant. There is something wrong with being arrogant and condescending in the context of ignorance. But worst of all, and the reason I’m taking the time to post this, is that when BitPico realized he was wrong, he didn’t have the balls to own his mistake (and certainly wouldn’t ever apologize) — No, instead, he went and deleted all his tweets!

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